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We were used to having Internal IS staff to solve our day-to-day IT needs. When we were forced to change, we chose PTA. Their services are just like having FTE staff at half the costs.

Their trust in handling our data and systems have been more than we could have asked for.

John Pabon – CFI

PTA to the Rescue!

So, I called PTA to help me with a keyboard mystery (keys kept being typed that I wasn’t typing). I will blame the dog (naturally). I was having problems with my wireless keyboard so I plugged in a wired keyboard a couple of days ago. Changed the battery in my wireless – so it was happy. Did not unplug the wired keyboard (silly). The dog spent the day apparently laying on it (which I noticed tonight when I went to pick it up off the floor. ) Of course, she had also flipped it over, thus pushing on keys. Definitely something you should put on the site as really stupid user problems that were solved because of the brilliance of Pacyna Tech.


Allworx wins awards!


Allworx wins Best Channel Vendor 2011 from Business Solutions Magazine.

Allworx wins Internet Telephony Magazine’s 2011 Product of the Year for the 48x.

Allworx receives a 2011 Unified Communications Excellence Award for the Allworx 48x Phone System.