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Remote Access

Scott Grivna

Your staff needs to be able to access services remotely anywhere in the world.

Remote access allows business travelers to access their office computer, email, phone messages and other items virtually anywhere. With remote access services, clients and employees are able to continue their work outside of the office. They are able to reply to a quote that needs attention, get a last minute email out and access voice mail messages.

It is important for an administrator or technician to be able to access your system 24/7 to repair issues, update and upgrade software, and handle other administrative tasks so your system always ready. This helps reduce travel on service calls and interruption to staff during normal working hours. This also enables the IT department to work on several computers at the same time, allowing for faster service and reducing your overall IT costs.

We use products such as:

Logmein – LogMeIn allows you to access files, video content, remote printing and many other services

Microsoft Remote Desktop – (For MACs as well) Remote Desktop will connect you to your office PC over the internet form any web browser at any location

VPN (Virtual Private Network) – A VPN connection to your office means connecting your PC to your office, allowing access to your files and services as if your home computer was actually in the office

GoToMyPC – Mainly used to help assist users with technical training and troubleshooting

Email synchronization using cell phones may be a large advantage for your business.

Let PTA configure and setup this service for you today and see the benefits it has to offer!