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Microsoft SharePoint is a product that can help your organization work more effectively. It allows users to share information like the revisions of documents from creation through revision and publication.

SharePoint creates a local intranet site to communicate with clients and vendors so that they can become better informed.  It also provides a location to easily find documentation such as policies and procedures, tax documents, and more.

Microsoft SharePoint is a browser-based collaboration and document management system that allows groups to set up a centralized, password protected space for document sharing. When documents are edited, users can be notified of changes and will always have access to the latest updates and versioning.

SharePoint has many advantages:

* File sharing system that includes versioning
* Intranet for collaboration
* Extranet, for sharing information with vendors
* Web sites
* Enterprise document management
* Project management systems

PTA uses SharePoint 3.0 through SharePoint 2016 (we can support 2.0 as well) We can host a SharePoint site for you in your cloud or install and administer from your local server, including inexpensive SharePoint hosting.

SharePoint is a web-based intranet that can help improve your organization’s effectiveness by streamlining the management of and access to data. – Creative SharePoint.