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Designated IT Pro

At PTA your organization will get a designated IT professional. Not like other organizations that send you whatever tech happens to be available at that time, we believe that having someone with intricate knowledge of your system helps reduce your costs to getting things in order quicker during outages.

We also feel that having your own dedicated IT tech means you know who to contact and that individual understands how to work with your organization., They know who to contact, where your systems are, and many other valuable points to keeping your systems on line and keeping IT costs down.

This does not mean that he/she is the only individual you can/will work with. This Pro will have the backup of several engineers, and other professionals at PTA to assist them with questions, issues, future needs etc. This is an invaluable piece if the puzzle we offer at PTA, Your organization benefits from the knowledge and expertise that PTA has in its vast knowledge and support system.