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About Us

PTA was founded in 2001 to provide computer-based solutions and technology support services to help your company grow.

Mission Statement:
Our Mission is to provide Computer Based Solutions, Support Services and Resources to help our clients in today’s ever changing IT environment.

To provide expert services round the clock to assure that our clients can be as productive as they can be without letting IT get in their way.

To assist our clients in their technical needs for the future with the focus on efficiency and bringing out the full advantage of their Technical resources. But most of all…. To be there for our clients when they need us most.

PTA will insure that you incur IT costs only when needed while maintaining an access to a wide array of hardware & software technology configurations and competencies. Our services also allow your organization to establish a long term technology plan which mirrors your key business goals.

We will help you concentrate on your core business with confidence that your technology platform will support your operation and will  secure your data using proven disaster recovery plans.

We know that in an industry that’s increasing in complexity, it’s nice to know that there is a company around that can give you simple, straightforward solutions to all your computer problems.

PTA can design, implement, tune and troubleshoot your network. We stay at the forefront of rapidly changing technologies.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that in utilizing PTA’s team of experts you can put to rest those lingering doubts about the stability of your network. Make certain that your system stays up and running smoothly so you can concentrate on your business.

Call PTA today — and put your mind at ease.

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  • We were used to having Internal IS staff to solve our day-to-day IT needs. When we were forced to change, we chose PTA. Their services are just like having FTE staff at half the costs. Their trust in handling our data and systems have been more than we could have asked for.

    John Pabon, CFI
  • Over the past 10 years not only myself but my company as well is very appreciative of all the efforts made by you and your staff to provide the quality of service and to support our technology needs in a first class manner. You have always been there for us, and when we panicked you Continue Reading

  • Pacyna Tech has supported Simon Marketing Inc’s IT needs since 2006. We found them to be well educated and informative when creating our office. They took the time to explain our options and costs in layman’s terms. We could always count on a expedient response when an issue would arise. Thank-you PacynaTech.

    Lewis Scott, Simon-Marketing
  • Everyone at PacynaTech is always a pleasure to work with.  Their responsiveness is top notch and sense of humor always makes me smile.

    Kathryn Mckechnie, Crescendo Apparel

Core of Values:

  1. Recognize what is said, is important to the speaker.
  2. Respond in a timely fashion.
  3. Relay only agreements we are willing, able and intend to keep.
  4. Realize and appreciate the customers’ needs in every situation
  5. Recommend all possible solutions if something is not working.