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Disaster Recovery

A Disaster Recovery plan is an absolute necessity when it comes to maintaining your IT infrastructure, from backups onsite and off, to preparedness for restoration hardware and data at any given moment.

The days of backup tapes are long gone, and if your organization works with backup tapes alone you need to be prepared for possible issues with restoring files and, more importantly, your operating system.

Backing up individual files is only the first step in disaster preparedness.  More importantly, your server operating system needs to be backed up as well. Your operating system is the backbone and single most important item in your IT infrastructure.  Proper preparedness requires backing up your exchange email database, SharePoint and SQL databases, along with several other items. Backing up of single files does not cover all the important items required.

Many companies create backup tapes or use other hardware, yet don’t consider the need to have this data stored offsite. In case of a fire, theft, etc., your files could be lost. Some use internal staff to attend to this need, but forget to make sure that systems are tested, data is taken offsite, and services are actually backing up the data required  while adjusting to changes in your environment. Consider what would happen if tomorrow you walked into your office and all your data was missing. Now what? Does that person know how to restore your server operating system?

The second mistake that many companies make is to forget to actually test their backup data and execute what we refer to as a ‘fire drill’ for restoring data. Have you done that recently? Is your data there or did someone configure something wrong and/or the systems have been failing and no one knew? Have you considered hardware to have available in case of a system being down and a necessary part being 48-72 hours away?

At PTA we take disaster recovery very serious. We do snapshots of your entire system each night and have those available on site for quick recovery as well as off site at our data centers. We test our images often and always have backup hardware ready to put into service.

Backup plans vary from one organization to another, depending on variables such as the type of business, the processes involved, and the level of security needed. Disaster recovery planning is required for all of our clients.  After systems are set in place, they can be purchased as a separate service or attended to by our clients.

PTA provides secure, reliable and proactive data protection using Symantec products and services to image your systems and mission critical workstations. Many organizations do not provide imaging at all, much less imaging of workstations as well.  Our services greatly minimize downtime and recovery time compared to legacy backup systems. We offer 24/7 availability to older file versions and operating systems.

Recover your data quickly & successfully. Improve recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives.

Any organization should be prepared to spend up to 25% of their IT costs on disaster recovery. Interruption of service or loss of data can have serious financial impact on your business.